Surfing’s Storytellers

surf storytellers

Everyday, another story comes out of the water. There are people in the surf community who make it their life’s work to document these stories for the rest of us. And we’re so glad that they do. This weekend, the High Line Festival of Surfing is hosting a dinner in Los Angeles for a select group of surf filmmakers and photographers, to honor that commitment to surf storytelling.  It will be an intimate dinner conversation with passionate people from different areas of the industry.

“Surf filmmakers and photographers play such an integral roll in surfing,” says Ari Lurie, one of the event’s organizers. “They convey the styles, elegance, travels and character of the surfing world. Their images and footage may be a cornerstone to our culture but the compensation and tribute of the surf cameraman is minimal at best.

“Our hopes are twofold,” he continues, “that all the guests have a fantastic time and that there are some rich stories told at the dinner table.”

The Surfer’s Journal will be there, reporting on the stories that are told around the table, and although the dinner is closed to the public, the organizers be sharing photos at and on the associated Facebook and Instagram feeds.

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