Surf’s Up at Ski Beach

After one of the best winters in history, the mountains of the western United States still have a pretty incredible base that will allow for spring skiing to turn into summer skiing, lasting through July 4th. With record breaking storms, some in excess of over 10 feet of snow in one weekend, there are features that have never before been exposed to riding. In just a few short hours of digging, these guys used these natural elements to create a skatepark of their own for some springtime shredding.


And as we surfers all know, as winter moves into spring, California’s favorite skatepark on water comes to life again. The recent Nike 6.0 event kicked off the Lower Trestles season in perfect fashion with peeling ramps and sunny skies for the worlds best to show their skills. Prior to the contest, our friends at Circulate Motion Pictures, found themselves down at Lowers with Wardo, Shaun Cansdell and Nate Yeomans to capture an early season swell, furthering the proof that an air reverse is the go to move at Lowers for 2011.

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