The Suspect East // An East Coast Surf Feature and Interview With The Makers


As summer gave way to fall, East Coast filmmaker, Corey Frank, and pro surfer, Pat Schmidt, set out to create a surf film that captured the core of an East Coast autumn, one fueled by the mad dash from Maine to Jersey, and everywhere between, in search of fair winds and swell. Pat explains, “Growing up here and making a career out of surfing is pretty different from other places. It’s twice as cold and pretty much flat 75% of the time, but the days it’s on it’s REALLY on. the best part is you’ll be surfing with just you and your best buds…”

Recently, Korduroy.TV producer, Charles Post, sat down with Corey (Left) and Pat (Right) to learn more about their respective crafts and drive to make The Suspect East, a contemporary East Coast surf anthem with all the flair and electricity you would expect from two of the East Coast’s rising stars.


  • Korduroy: Corey – Tell us a little bit about yourself, background and motivation for being a surf filmmaker.
  • Corey: I became interested in filming and editing when I was about 14, and started editing our own little surf/skate videos. It wasn’t until after high school though that I thought I would want to be a filmer and photographer for a living. I think I’m fortunate to have a best friend (Pat Schmidt) who is killing it right now in the surf world and I just want to do something different from the East Coast.


  • Korduory: Pat – What makes being an East Coast surfer unique from any other patch of Earth? What are some of the unique challenges and benefits? 
  • Pat: My name is Pat Schmidt and I am a surfer from the northeastern US of A. New Jersey to be exact. Growing up here and making a career out of surfing is pretty different from other places – It’s twice as cold and pretty much flat 75% of the time, but the days it’s on it’s REALLY on. The best part is you’ll be surfing with just you and your best buds…

-1(Photo by Ryan Mack)

  • Korduroy: Corey – What was the driving force behind the making of this film?
  • Corey: I told Pat in the beginning of summer I wanted to make a short film of the fall, and when we finished it in December we should throw a party for the release. Rather than just dropping it online for everyone to see, I wanted to get people excited. I just didn’t expect to have that kind of a turn out. The way everything fell into place to make that night happen is pretty amazing.



IMG_0419(Photos by Corey Frank)

  • Korduroy: Pat – Tell us about one day in particular that stands out from the making of this film.
  • Pat: It’s hard to really single out one day of this whole thing. The whole project was so much fun. If I had to pick it would be the day of the ending part. It was all pretty much shot in one day straight out front of our house. It was absolutely pumping and barely anybody out. The best part was I just got to roll out of bed straight into my wetsuit, and walk out the front door onto the beach!


IMG_0268(Photos by Corey Frank)

  • Korduroy: You guys are making a mark on the surf community with your style and respective crafts – what’s next?
  • Pat: Corey and I are roommates, and we both froth out on the same things. So we’re constantly thinking of new project ideas, but who knows! This film was kinda just a fun last minute project and we got such amazing feedback! It just fires me up to see what we can really do.
  • Corey: Just keep creating new stuff and try to keep it super original. I have a few ideas for some projects I’m excited about.

IMG_9810 IMG_9831IMG_9956(Photos by Corey Frank)

  • Korduroy: What are five things you never leave home without when chasing surf?
  • Pat: Surfboards, sleeping bag, music, warm clothes and passport. You never know where you’ll end up..
  • Corey: Camera bag, tripod, Poler nap sack, passport, and plenty of film.

IMG_0390 IMG_0400(Photos by Corey Frank)

  • Korduory: Corey, for anyone interested in pursing a career in filmmaking, could you offer a nugget of wisdom on how to make it as a freelance filmmaker?
  • Corey: Don’t be afraid to just go for it. iIf your passionate enough about it and you keep  pushing, you’ll make it work.


IMG_9890(Photo by Corey Frank)

  • Korduroy: Pat, for anyone hoping to push their surfing to the next level, could you offer a few tips on how to up their game in the water?
  • Pat: I really believe everybody has their own vibes and stuff that makes themselves tick. The best advice I could give is to have as much fun as possible (corny but true), and surround yourself with the best people; Without my friends and the people I grew up surfing with, I would be nowhere.

IMG_0317IMG_0414(Photos by Corey Frank)


Keep your eyes out for more epicness from these two in the years to come!

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