Gary Parker: Sea Stoked

Globetrotter artist and WAVES for development  By Alejandra Romo Marquez Gary Parker, is a Graphic Designer and Australian Photographer. He grew up in the hills around Melbourne, Australia. Now he lives in Victoria, Canada, but he travels the world working on his online magazine “Sea Stoke”, surfing and volunteering for amazing causes. I never met…

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Costa Rica, take two

Yesterday, we featured Ryan Thomas’ photos from his recent trip to Costa Rica. There must be something in the air, because we’ve got another set from contributor Alejandra Romo Marquez. She just traveled there from her current homestead in Nicaragua and here’s what she saw. Follow Marquez’s travels here:  

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nicaragua surf

How to Live the Slow Life

Photographer Alejandra Romo Marquez moved on from California to Nicaragua since the last time we featured her work on the blog. Things are a bit different in the jungle town of Maderas where she’s now living. She sent this dispatch on the “slow life” in the area.  How to Live the Slow Life By Alejandra Romo…

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