Happy Campers 2.0 With Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold lives in a van because it’s the most comfortable way to live a life guided by an insatiable thirst to climb.  It’s not Van Life, it’s Life. The last time we saw Alex’s home on wheels it was in a converted Ford Econo Van. But this time, he’s converted a Doge 2500 commercial…

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Protecting Our National Parks: A Perspective By Alex Honnold

As we celebrate the National Parks’ 100 Year Anniversary, we should remember that these places need our protection. Just because Yosemite or Zion National Park are indeed protected as National Parks, the designation along does not mean we – those that revere and escape to these patches of nature – can just sit back and…

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Happy Campers: Alex Honnold

Outside Magazine recently took a peak inside famed free-climber Alex Honnold’s “deluxe camper-van” when it was parked outside of American Fork, Utah. He’s got a gear drawer and a built-in Coleman along with a few secret hiding spots for…rope. Oh, and all of his appliances are solar powered. It’s not the most pimped out rig…

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