Protect Peninsula Mitre Forever

Adventure for the sake of adventure is one thing, but adventure for the sake of conservation so that one of the world’s last truly wild places may simply exist free from the oil hungry, money hungry, land hungry and power hungry blindly hellbent on converting wilderness to a wasteland just to make a few men…

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Gauchos del Mar Patagonia

Gauchos Del Mar

Gauchos del Mar: it means cowboys of the sea. That’s what the Argentinian filmmaking brothers Julian and Joaquin call themselves. From the looks of it, that’s exactly what they are. Alejandra Romo Marquez interviewed them as part of her coverage of this year’s Surffilm Festival in San Sebastian. They entered “Tierra de Patagones” and in…

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Expencive Porno Movie

Reel Talk: Tin Ojeda

Here’s a porno that is safe for work, as long as your boss doesn’t mind you taking a break to watch some killer longboarding. Argentinian Tin Ojeda is about to release “Expencive Porno Movie,” a 45-minute ode to hot experimental filmmaking, of the surf variety. Shot on Super16mm, this is like watching retro footage but…

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