A peak of Asher Pacey going through the motions. Enjoy! LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL ft. ASHER PACEY from Rhythm Livin on Vimeo.

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A Life Off The Grid: Asher Pacey

When he’s not getting tubed, Asher is living a life of off the grid simplicity, one guided by dirt roads, the search for empty waves and marinating in the moments that fall in between. Here’s a closer look into Asher’s formula for life.

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PIECES ASTRAY with Asher Pacey

Bits and pieces from here and there while roaming the California coastline with Asher Pacey. PIECES ASTRAY from Matt Kleiner on Vimeo. Directed by Matt Kleiner Starring Asher Pacey Music by T. Zchien & the Johnny , The Litter Intro excerpt taken from “Streetwise” Special Thanks to Rhythm MattKleiner.com

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Josh Kerr Past to Present

Matt Kleiner’s out with a new, nearly full-length feature film on Josh Kerr. To understand the man, past and present, Kleiner and his crew of 11 cinematographers also shot Kelly Slater, Asher Pacey, Mick Fannning, Noa Deane, Taylor Knox, Jordy Smith, Chippa Wilson, Shaun and Dean Harrington, Rusty Preisendorfer, and Colin and Sierra Kerr. The video…

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