Spirare Surfboards and Recycled Marine Debris

Kevin Cunningham finally figured out how to make surfboard fins out of the garbage that he finds lying around the beach. And like any good surf entrepreneur, he’s now making a business out of that skill. Yew! To help him with the cost of running that business, he’s applied for a Chase Main Street grant…

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Boardhunt on the Hunt for Funds

Last year around this time, we introduced you to Boardhunt, an online marketplace for surfboards. They’ve been at it for seven years, building the website and the community and now they’re hoping to invest some capital into a more advanced site and company. So they’ve done what lots of entrepreneurs do these days, they’ve turned…

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Running the Pacific Crest Trail

Joe McConaughy is currently running 45 miles per day for the next 20 or so days. He’s attempting to break the record for running the Pacific Crest Trail, to raise $30,000 in honor of his two-year-old cousin, Colin, who passed away from a rare brain cancer in January, 2012.  That’s a total of 2,600 miles,…

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Paige Alms Female Big Wave Surfer

A Movie About a Female Big Wave Surfer

You might remember a SURFER Magazine article called “Boy’s Club” from back in October, 2013. It was about a female big wave surfers and it featured the story of Maui-based Paige Alms. Documentary filmmaker Devyn Bisson read the article and it moved her so much that she immediately got to work figuring out how to…

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