TED Talks, redesigning consumer habits and turning trash into shoes in Bali

The road to TEDx was a real life journey of will-power and dedication like I had never experienced before. Although I have given many talks in my career this one was different. To me, it was the superbowl of talks so I needed to be ready. Luckily, I had a great coach named Heather and…

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TED + VICE: What’s The Great Pacific Garbage Patch? A floating trash Island the size of Texas

We recently celebrated the incredible work of Bureo and Carver Skateboards for their innovative and epic new board called the Ahi. Each board is made from 50 square feet of upcycled fishing nets collected from our oceans, much of which accumulates at the centers of our ocean’s gyres. Ever heard of the Texas sized island…

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trash on bali beaches. photo by jasonchilds

Clean Up Bali

As we are all aware, plastic is a major issue around the world. California looks poised to become the first state to ban plastic bags statewide. But this is the first we have heard of any efforts in Bali. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the amount of plastic refuse on Kuta Beach has been…

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