Why your next adventure should be in Iceland

This is an incredible film that  captures the beautiful, raw, dynamic place that is Iceland. With seemingly more and more stories popping up illustrating the many reasons why Iceland should be your next destination, it goes without saying that this film will only add to the angst. Enjoy. Flying over Iceland (Part. II) from Yannick…

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Batty Indonesia sunset view

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Remember Ian Battrick? He’s the dude who’s living in his van in Iceland (and Norway and Scotland, depending on the day).  He has a sick brand of coldwater gear called Luna Surf but apparently he’s not always freezing his butt off up north. He’s out with a new video from a trip to Indonesia. Tune in…

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coldwater surf van life

Happy Campers: Ian Battrick

Plenty of people move into their vans lately, but few do it to explore some of the coldest places on Earth. Ian Battrick outfitted his rig to withstand arctic temperatures and now he’s driving around testing out coldwater surf gear that he’s making with some buddies back in Jersey. Here he talks with us about…

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Iceland Greenland

Filmmaker James Aiken on the Making of His Latest Short “Home Ground”

James Aiken is a filmmaker who’s looking to explore the connection between humanity and nature, specifically by spending time with people who live quietly in tune with their naturally surroundings. Perhaps no two places are more natural and isolated than Iceland and Greenland. He’s been investigating these lands through personal projects and he just finished…

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Surfing in Iceland

Paper Sea Quarterly: Issue 5, Iceland

We continue our partnership with Paper Sea Quarterly to bring you another article from their latest issue. In Iceland, by Alex Laurel, our narrator takes us through this treacherous yet surreal natural environment with one of our favorite adventurers, Kepa Acero (among others). To order the Paper Sea Quarterly (now shipping internationally!) visit http://www.papersea.com.au/store/.  Iceland By…

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