Hangs Upon Nothing: Perfection In 16mm

What comes to mind when you think of perfect turquoise waves reeling across a palm studded beach? Hangs Upon Nothing offers just that – I peak down the line at perfect waves. Keep your eyes out for a full feature on Hangs Upon Nothing coming to Korduroy.TV in the near future. Stay tuned! Hangs Upon…

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Sammy the Explorer

Meet Sammy, the grommet from Sumba (an island in Indonesia). At one time early in his short life, his village lacked clean drinking water and suffered greatly as a result. When they discovered “ocean people” (surfers sponsored by Hurley and Surf Aid) their lives were changed forever. Now, Sammy has a goal to explore the…

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kepa in indo

Kepa Acero Finds a Secluded Swell in Indo

Kepa Acero might be our favorite surfing nomad. He’s on the road constantly, and he’s always in such high spirits. His latest video follows him to Indonesia, where he dons an army helmut and furiously rides his motorbike toward a swell “that will get you three barrels in one wave.” For more from Kepa Acero…

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soli bailey o'neill indonesia

Soli Bailey

From the filmmakers: O’Neill’s Soli Bailey has recently emerged from the Indonesian archipelago armed with a stack of footage that will surely blow minds. After chasing and then winning the 2014 ASP Australasia Pro Junior Series, Soli did away with the contest singlet and spent most of the Australian winter traveling through Indonesia making sure he…

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Mentawai Indonesia palm oil

Trouble in Paradise – Mentawai, Indonesia

We posted this video by Matt Hannon on our Facebook earlier in the week, about oil companies capitalizing on indigenous lands in Indonesia, at the expense of the tribal people who live there. Based on the response we saw, we thought you’d appreciate some more information. When asked why Hannon decided to take on this…

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