Covid-19 in Italy: A Surfer’s Perspective

An Italian surfer shares his perspective from one of the first and hardest hit countries during the pandemic.

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Renan Ozturk Photo_Alex Honnold Sendero-2

Filming and Free Climbing

Alright, fair warning, the first few minutes of this free-soloing film will almost certainly induce a panic attack. But that’s kind of the point. Good filmmaking reels you in with a hook and nothing is sharper than “hey, this guy might possibly die when he tries this.” With that, climber Alex Honnold takes off on…

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Headspace: Kelly Slater

In the first installment of The Inertia’s Headspace with Kelly Slater, the pro discusses what it means to be included in the “The Greatest Athlete Ever” debate as well as his relationship with Andy Irons, his father, the future of Kelly Slater Wave Company, and words of wisdom that have kept him going. Watch part…

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