Surfing Morocco

Here’s surfer traveler and filmmaker Kepa Acero rendition of surfing Morocco. But don’t blink, if you do, he’ll be gone.

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Kepa Acero Harvesting Namibia

We’ve all see Namibia going off, but what you likely haven’t seen is Kepa Acero’s approach to one of the worlds most intoxicating waves. Here’s a look at Namibia’s version of heaven. TOUCHING HEAVEN NAMIBIA from igor bellido on Vimeo.

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Kepa Acero: Homecoming

In Kepa’s latest short film, Homecoming, he reflects on the beauty of traveling and the rich experiences born from his adventures across the globe and among many cultures. He so eloquently explains, “In the end, I would say that traveling not only broadens our horizons but allows us to be grateful for them.” Kepa Acero…

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First Surf in Galapagos, Kepa Acero

“It´s been already more than two weeks here, and after surfing San Cristobal Island I have been exploring some other unexplored coastline. This place is amazing. People is super friendly and nature is heaven.” – Kepa Hanging with the locals: facebook twitter  

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Microwave Leftovers

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