Mason Ho and Mick Fanning Surf Glacier Waves

Mason Ho and Mick Fanning swap palms and sun for an icy wilderness in the high North where calving glaciers fuel a mini left hand point-break and an endless sea of unexplored beaches, points and reefs offer the potential to discover that next best wave. Mason and Mick dodge ice bergs and hypothermia and somehow…

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French Beachies and Portuguese Slabs

Yet another reason why Europe should be your next surf trip. Episode 7 of #justpassingthrough jumps from reef slabs in Portugal to throaty beach breaks in France, where Mitch Crews and Evan Geiselman join forces with fellow Reef Ambassadors Kai Otton, Mick Fanning and Roby D’Amico. The ensuing hunt for those elusive sandbars has its…

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Summer Lovin with Mick Fanning

With El Nino offering up a feast of a winter here in the Northern Hemi, it goes without saying, the boys have been scoring in the Southern Hemi too. Here’s a recent harvest by Australia’s golden boy, Mick Fanning. Summer Lovin from Darcy Ward on Vimeo.

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Josh Kerr Past to Present

Matt Kleiner’s out with a new, nearly full-length feature film on Josh Kerr. To understand the man, past and present, Kleiner and his crew of 11 cinematographers also shot Kelly Slater, Asher Pacey, Mick Fannning, Noa Deane, Taylor Knox, Jordy Smith, Chippa Wilson, Shaun and Dean Harrington, Rusty Preisendorfer, and Colin and Sierra Kerr. The video…

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Liz's Favorites - Health Nuts

Liz’s Favorites

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