Dean Petty, "1964"

1964 circa 2013

This throwback period piece “1964” was actually shot in 2013, but you’d almost never know it. The film, a selection for both the San Diego and New York surf film festivals the year it was made, follows Dean Petty around Nova Scotia has he drives a retro car, shapes a retro board and even busts…

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harrison jardine surf photography

Auditorium with Harrison Jardine

There’s no place like home. That’s even true for Halifax, Nova Scotia and young photographer Harrison Jardine. But, like all young explorers, Harrison’s first trip to Nepal at 18 got him hooked on traveling to remote destinations in search of new situations and unique moments to capture on film. Most recently, he resided in South Korea…

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Mike Bromley surf Canada

Auditorium with Mike Bromley

Hailing from Nova Scotia, Mike Bromley began shooting surfing about four years ago. And since the waves are typically best in the fall and winter, Bromley stays north during that time and then finds himself on the road the rest of the year. But in his heart of hearts, Bromley finds that nothing beats going back…

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