North Carolina

Auditorium with Zack Johnson

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, is quite a place to live. At first, that seems true only because of the name, but at a closer look, it’s quite beautiful. Photographer Zack Johnson takes us there, with Explosions in the Sky as the perfect sonic backdrop. For more from Zack, follow his Highway 12 commute on…

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Slackliners but not slackers

Nothing beats slacklining over the Northern California coast at sunset, right? Even if you’ve never considered it before, after watching this video you just might. Stay tuned after the clip for an interview with the filmmaker to learn everything you ever wanted to know about this relatively unknown outdoor activity, and also stick around for…

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sea goddess

Exhibitionists: Danielle Zirkelbach

Danielle Zirkelbach is a “surrealist ocean artist” living in Hawaii and waiting tables to make ends meet. Exploring the indescribable connection between us and the ocean, her paintings are provocative and emotional and very much in a style all her own. Learn a little more about what motivates her here. 1.)¬†Who are your top 3…

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