Earth Day Inspiration: Recycled, recyclable and plant based surfboards!

“As surfers we get a lot from our environment. We arguably glean the most joy from nature possible. It’s great to see people in the surf industry reciprocating by taking a hard look at how their manufacturing processes impact the ultimate source of our stoke.” – Cyrus Sutton Moss Research is on a mission to…

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Sustainable Surfboard Experiments

From the waste-bin to the waves, join Moss-Research Founder Jake Moss as he explains his recycled pine-based surfboard manufacturing process he’s dubbed “Eco-Flex” in his goal to create eco-friendly surfboards for a shared planet.¬† Coby Peterson, third generation of the family-run¬†Marko Foam, is helping by evangelizing the benefits of recycled foam to create stronger and…

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recycled surfboard art

How to Recycle Fins and Boards into Art

Australian artist Zachary Bennett-Brook is inspired by his Indigenous heritage. Natives of most countries were historically closer to the land than we are today, and we could all stand to learn a thing or two from their traditions. Primarily, they didn’t have as many things as we do and they didn’t produce as much waste….

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