Expencive Porno Movie

Reel Talk: Tin Ojeda

Here’s a porno that is safe for work, as long as your boss doesn’t mind you taking a break to watch some killer longboarding. Argentinian Tin Ojeda is about to release “Expencive Porno Movie,” a 45-minute ode to hot experimental filmmaking, of the surf variety. Shot on Super16mm, this is like watching retro footage but…

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Reel Talk: Russell Brownley

Russ Brownley is the guy behind the camera in De Passage, the latest release from Reef. It’s a 23-minute epic that pays homage to a bygone era while following Reef’s surf team through exotic waters. To get the behind-the-scenes scoop on how it was made, we asked the filmmaker himself. Here’s what Russ had to…

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beyond the surface film india

Reel Talk: Beyond the Surface Filmmaker Interview

The San Diego Surf Film Festival is around the corner and there are a ton of great films on the list this year. One is Beyond the Surface, a documentary about surfing, yoga and spirituality in India, as experienced by pioneering women in the region. For filmmaker Crystal Thornburg-Homcy, spending eight weeks driving up and down the…

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The Wedge Newport Beach

Reel Talk: Tim Burnham

For bodysurfers, this movies is a long time coming. Tim Burnham has set out to tell the story of the famed “Wedge” wave in Newport Beach, California, and to fund the project, he’s turned to Kickstarter for community support. He recently reached his funding goal for the film, but every little bit helps make the…

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Eugenio Barcelloni Surf Bali

Reel Talk: Eugenio Barcelloni

There’s a constant debate about surfing in third-world countries. Bringing tourism dollars is great but a lot of these countries lack such basic infrastructure that just beyond the beach lies vast wastelands. You’ve probably heard stories about the devastation in Bali, but this film by Eugenio Barcelloni gives an up-close-and-personal view of what’s going on…

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