cory richards

A Tribute to Discomfort

When you see adventure photographs, the really good ones, it’s easy to take for granted what it took to get that shot. It usually requires that the photographer go to extreme lengths to capture something that most of us don’t have the opportunity to even see. Cory Richards, climber and photographer for North Face, takes…

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Trevor Gordon van conversion

Bigfoot Part 2

Trevor Gordon is back with Part 2 of “Bigfoot Country,” this one aptly titled “Escape from Bigfoot Country.” Catch Part 1 and an interview with the filmmaker here. ESCAPE FROM BIGFOOT COUNTRY from Woody and the Blue Ox on Vimeo.

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Iceland Greenland

Filmmaker James Aiken on the Making of His Latest Short “Home Ground”

James Aiken is a filmmaker who’s looking to explore the connection between humanity and nature, specifically by spending time with people who live quietly in tune with their naturally surroundings. Perhaps no two places are more natural and isolated than Iceland and Greenland. He’s been investigating these lands through personal projects and he just finished…

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Weekly Round Up // Feb. 8-14

What you missed last week: TRAIL THERAPY: THE 34,000 MILE JOURNEY OF STEVE FUGATE At sixty-four years old, he has walked across the United States seven times to raise awareness for depression and suicide and to inspire people he meets to “love life.”  Learn more about his amazing story! REEL TALK: DYLAN GORDON Dylan Gordon,…

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