South of Somewhere

Everyone needs a break and if you’re a surfer in San Diego, the uncharted terrain of Baja Mexico is one of the best places to take a nice long deep breath. The hard working boys who run the apparel and gear shop Aloha Sunday recently took a trip down south. They shared this edit as…

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kepa in indo

Kepa Acero Finds a Secluded Swell in Indo

Kepa Acero might be our favorite surfing nomad. He’s on the road constantly, and he’s always in such high spirits. His latest video follows him to Indonesia, where he dons an army helmut and furiously rides his motorbike toward a swell “that will get you three barrels in one wave.” For more from Kepa Acero…

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Costa Rica, take two

Yesterday, we featured Ryan Thomas’ photos from his recent trip to Costa Rica. There must be something in the air, because we’ve got another set from contributor Alejandra Romo Marquez. She just traveled there from her current homestead in Nicaragua and here’s what she saw. Follow Marquez’s travels here:  

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Queensland Australia Surf Trip

On the Road: Korduroy in Queensland

When an opportunity knocks, you take it, right? So when we (Korduroy) were approached by Tourism and Events Queensland to head to Australia and experience all that Queensland and in particular, the Gold Coast, has to offer, I manipulated my schedule, ditched previous commitments and begged for hall passes from loved ones to ensure that…

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