Ellis Ericson Bonzer RVCA

Ellis Ericson | Bonzer

According to the Campbell Brothers, there’s a surf revolution happening, and it goes by the name of Bonzer. Maybe they’re biased since they’ve been making the board for the last 30 years. In this clip of two sessions with Ellis Ericson on a 90’s Campbell Brothers Bonzer, demonstrates what the Campbell Bros describe as “high…

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Hammerhead Surfboard

In case you missed this last month, Christian Hosoi and UNIV’s James Addonizio came together to shape a hammerhead collection for UNIV. Watch surfers Benji Weatherley and Dylan Graves take them for a test ride in California.

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recycled surfboard art

How to Recycle Fins and Boards into Art

Australian artist Zachary Bennett-Brook is inspired by his Indigenous heritage. Natives of most countries were historically closer to the land than we are today, and we could all stand to learn a thing or two from their traditions. Primarily, they didn’t have as many things as we do and they didn’t produce as much waste….

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shaping mini simmons

How to Shape a Mini Simmons

Originally posted on ST Surf Images By Tom Woods After repairing a surfboard that I ran over in my car (a board which I called a “write-off”) my brother Joe got the gist of a few of the skills needed to shape a board from scratch — something he’s always wanted to have a crack…

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surfboard shaper

Kelly Connolly – Shaper, Everyday

Kelly Connolly shapes surfboards out of Los Angeles, everyday. At least that’s the name of her custom shaping business, which she’s had for the last six years. Like the name suggests, her work is meant to be for the everyday surfer and it’s 100% handcrafted by her. Even though she’s a female in a male-dominated…

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