Maurice Cole

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reto recycled surfboards

Recycled Skateboards Back in Action

Bjorn Holm is still hard at work collecting old skateboards and turning them into new surfboards. Here’s his latest quick edit from Finland, showing that they do, in fact, work. Be sure to check out our Korduroy Special introducing the project here: And make your own with this How To by Holm

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Neal Purchase Jr. - Local Legendz

Neal Purchase Jr. – Local Legendz

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wood surfboards documentary film

Natural Goods

This short documentary, directed by Marco Mucig, is part of the Onde Nostre – Ritratti di Surf series that explores the lives of surfers, shapers, artists and other personalities related to Italian surf culture. “Natural Goods” tells the story of Luca Bressan, a designer who was born high up in the Dolomite Mountains, but always dreamt of riding the…

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Settembre Surf

Knowing When to Start Over

So you landed a corporate job, huh? After the thrill of the steady paycheck wears off, you might start itching for some stimulation outside of the cubicle. Maybe it’s a longterm gig, or maybe it’s just a part-time contract. Either way, it’s a grind and you’ve got to have something to help take your mind…

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