Welcome to Sweden

Camilo began to tell stories of the island; the numb Baltic sea brushing up against the shore building walls of ice as tall as a fishing boat. The one-way road wraps around a pond- a cracked mirror to the pine trees above. Herds of drunken moose call this bitter place home. If we were to roll down the windows we’d hear an echo of fermented apples splitting between their teeth.

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Film Festival Short Sweden

Nord by Nordwest Shorts Show Life in the North Sea

This year’s Nord by Nordwest Surf Film Festival, April 3-5 in Hamburg, Germany, features international highlights of indie filmmaking such as Spirit of Akasha, Slow is fast, Deathbowl to Downtown and The Salt Trail. Also on the menu is a selection of shorts that show the cold but surf-filled life on the North Sea. The surfers in…

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