The Packing List: Chris Burkard

For this feature, we’ve asked some well-known travelers what they’re packing when they’re getting out of town. These are the things they can’t leave home without. To start us off, photographer and world-traveler Chris Burkard lays down his “10 travel essentials.”  1. Big Agnes Stagecoach Waterproof Rolling Duffel This is the ultimate travel bag with its…

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The Packing List: Finisterre

With this feature, we’re digging into the baggage of world travelers. Today we’re coming at it from a slightly different angle with this comprehensive gear list for cold water surf expeditions from outfitters Finisterre. It’s like iSpy for the great outdoors.  The Kit List – Surfboard – Head Torch – Stool – Sauce Pan – Wood…

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The Packing List: Jeff Hill

This is one of the more creative packing lists we’ve seen. Here, Jeff  Hill, a skateboarder, maker and traveler, explains: “This is my ‘main list.’ I keep it handy for all camping trips. Things get added, things get left off, depending on the trip. A lot of the times I keep it on my bulletin board…

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jack coleman packing list

The Packing List: Jack Coleman

Jack Coleman is the quintessential traveling filmmaker. To prove it, he unpacked his gear to show us what it takes to get all those vivid, action-packed and sometimes wacky clips from exotic locations all around the world. 500mm lens PHOENIX, this is my digital video lens for cheap thrills. 2. jvc vhs-C camera, for…

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The Packing List: Todd Glaser

Photographer Todd Glaser is based in San Diego but “wanders the world” with his camera always at the ready. He’s a staff photographer for Surfer Magazine and has countless other publications and brands in his portfolio. Since these guys have him constantly on the go, we wondered what was in is go-bag. Here’s what he said: …

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