Tyler Warren harvesting New Zealand

Tyler Warren harvesting all that the edge of the Southern world has to offer. TW/NZ from Billabong New Zealand on Vimeo. Tyler Warren, New Zealand, April 2016 Tyler Warren cross steps his way from East Coast to West for our final Salt Circus instalment. It’s accompanied by a digital flip-book which can be found here…

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A few sessions: Tyler Warren on homemade wave riding vehicles

  A few session from 2015 of Tyler Warren riding some of his self made crafts. Enjoy DEPARTURE from Robots From Outerspace on Vimeo.  

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web surfing jan 18-24

Web Surfing: Jan 18-24

From warmest to coldest, this week’s clips span the globe on a variety of wave riding vehicles…a little something for everyone if you will.  Excuse The Roach 3 – Hawaii From Bali to Hawaii, Harrison Roach rides a variety of boards and makes it look good. This clip from Andrew Gough is no different! Rights…

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john john florence

Web Surfing: Jan. 4-10

We skipped last week’s edition of Web Surfing so there’s a few extra clips in here that we didn’t want to leave out.

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Quiver of the Week: May 18 - 24

Quiver of the Week: May 18 – 24

This week’s top quiver is from Mark Wiesmayr including a few retro gems and a special board from Tyler Warren. Quiver: 8’0″ FineLine “Zombie” 6’0″ backyard 70’s single fin Skipp 5’10″ twinnie with a fin box so the back fin could be adjusted for max drive or rad turns @tyler_warren 5’4″ bar of soap with very…

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