The Wanderlust of #Vanlife

In 2011, Foster Huntington created the #vanlife Instagram hashtag, and unexpectedly spawned hundreds of thousands of posts and a family of eager followers. It became a community of like-minded individuals who delight in the kind of adventure you can only get by traveling through the wilderness in a clunky, decades-old vehicle. In this documentary, we…

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Van Life Mexico South America

Hitting the Road: Vanajeros

Soon, a band of four photographers and filmmakers will embark on a van life expedition through Mexico, Central and South America to capture images of the kinds of people and places that are usually passed up by travelers, with the goal of giving something back to the communities they document. Naturally, the whole trip is…

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jake voss van life happy camper

Happy Campers: Jake Voss

Here’s a look at logger, Jake Voss’, modifications to his VW Transporter to get it ready for long road trips into far off destinations. He’s not living in it full time, but these stints on the road are breaking it in nicely, should he ever decide to make the plunge. Read on for details on…

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Happy Campers: Ryan Lovelace

“You really have to sack up and just do it sometimes.” Ryan Lovelace shares with us this and other thoughtful insights about his Cosmic Collider van conversion, which you may or may not have been following on Tumblr. Here the well known surfboard shaper gets into the nitty gritty details about some of the best…

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Happy Campers 2.0 With Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold lives in a van because it’s the most comfortable way to live a life guided by an insatiable thirst to climb.  It’s not Van Life, it’s Life. The last time we saw Alex’s home on wheels it was in a converted Ford Econo Van. But this time, he’s converted a Doge 2500 commercial…

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