TED + VICE: What’s The Great Pacific Garbage Patch? A floating trash Island the size of Texas

We recently celebrated the incredible work of Bureo and Carver Skateboards for their innovative and epic new board called the Ahi. Each board is made from 50 square feet of upcycled fishing nets collected from our oceans, much of which accumulates at the centers of our ocean’s gyres. Ever heard of the Texas sized island…

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16-year-old Exposes Politicians

Sometimes it just takes some fresh blood to stir things up. Take politics, for instance. VICE is reporting about a kid who created an app that exposes sell-out politicians. It’s a thing that we’ve known about for a long time, that politicians are bought, but Nick Rubin actually figured out a way to prove it….

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fukushima daiichi

West Coast May be Free from Radiation Danger, but Fukushima is Not

A few months ago, we reported on what scientists are saying about radiation dangers on the West Coast. While alarms were sounding, the science suggested that we had nothing to worry about here, even though some radiation was traveling overseas from the Fukushima Daiichi leakage several years ago. That’s great for us here in California,…

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