Ben Lee Darius Devas surf film

Reel Talk: Darius Devas

A new short by Darius Devas, WITHIN, recently launched and we got in touch with the filmmaker to see how he captured the waves at this incredible slow motion. WITHIN is the second part of a two-part project that came about when Devas’ friend took his life. The result is a beautiful exploration of what…

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Bastion Point environmental waves

Save the Waves

By Trey Highton The rocky headlands that comprise the wilderness coastline of Mallacoota boast more than 100 kilometers of pristine beaches and 320 kilometers of lake shore at the far south-east tip of Victoria on the Australian continent.  Mallacoota remains one of the most isolated towns in Victoria, roughly six hours from both Sydney and…

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Check out what you missed: AUDITORIUM WITH CALLUM MORSE Out of Cornwall, UK this surf camp instructor takes some time off the waves to stand on the shore and capture the vibrant moments. Check out the new Auditorium here: EXHIBITIONISTS: DANIELLE ZIRKELBACH Danielle Zirkelbach is a “surrealist ocean artist” living in Hawaii and waiting tables…

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Spain Surfing

Does Size Matter?

Sometimes, the waves just aren’t pumping, but being in the water still offers a good time. Jan Lopez Latussek headed out on the north coast of Spain with what he calls “three of Spain’s rising longboard surfers, Carlos Clavero, Ruben Fuente, and Norman Perdigó.” Here he shares some of what goes through his mind on a…

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