Taking a Leap

Filmmaker Jeremy Rumas has been powering hard on the latest trailer for his upcoming film Hangs Upon Nothing. Below are some words about Jeremy’s path to beginning the project.

I really wasn’t quite sure what I’d end up doing. But I had ideas that it’d be pretty awesome, whatever it was.

And then it went like this…

I found myself in a cubicle over 40 hours a week. There were some great things about this, like regular paychecks, free coffee in the cafeteria, and full benefits. But I’m not so certain humans are meant to sit in cubicles the majority of our waking hours, especially during the prime of our lives. While in my cube I’d often imagine I was out hiking through the mountains in Alaska, it was something to get my mind off those four walls around me. I felt restless.

So I decided I’d do something else. I wasn’t quite sure what that was going to be at the time. It would turn out that making a surf film is sort of a melding of everything I was interested in experiencing and more: see the world, make friends in far corners of the earth, surf amazing waves, sail across vast expanses of ocean, make art, shoot footage, shoot photos, make music, write stories, edit, experience tropical cyclones, listen to whales that sound like dinosaurs, even see full rainbows at night while out at sea.

The catch here is that this whole making a self funded surf film notion is not very easy to see through. Just getting to this point has been by far the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. I almost gave up a few times along the way, and I still have a ways to go. I have a lot of respect for all those who have made many surf films. It’s hard work. There have been times I’ve missed my life from before, the routine and stability of the full time job and benefits. There’s nothing wrong with that kind of life. I’ll likely one day try to return to that. I realize now there are things I took for granted before. But in walking away from all that, I’ve been able to experience more than I’d ever dreamed of.

Hangs Upon Nothing is a look at some of what I’ve seen through my camera the last few years. It’s a look at the friends I’ve made along the way, the people who invited me into their lives and let me document their own adventures. It’s also a look at our planet, our connection to it, and our connection to each other. I hope you enjoy checking it out.

– Jeremy Rumas



Watch the trailer for Hangs Upon Nothing here.

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