Texas’ First Perfect Wave

The NLand Surf Park sits just outside of Austin, Texas, and is home to Texas’ first perfect wave.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 10.53.57 AM

The surf experience innovators at Wavegarden spent the better park of the last decade perfecting the wavefoil technology to create, what many proclaim, to be the perfect wave. Yet, the jury is still out following the leak that sparked the wave of celebration for Kelly Slater Wave Co. and their ridiculously epic wave pool.

The only thing preventing you from harvesting a few of these Texas waves is a lawsuit between NL Surf Park and the federal government over the classification of the wave park as a “pool”, just as any YMCA or community pool, which requires stringent water quality standards, standards NLand Surf Park asserts are unrealistic given the size of the “lagoon”, not to be mistaken with a “pool”.

To learn more check out a recent New York Times article here

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