The Capabilities of Canon cameras in extreme conditions

Preconceived Noceans is a project that started out by filming surfing on the Great Lakes during the winter, which usually spells disaster while running around with thousands of dollars worth of gear. In these conditions, Cole Slutzky and his crew need gear that’s as weatherproof as possible and cameras that can withstand near zero temperatures. And since they are filming surfing, they also needed something that has a telephoto reach while keeping superb quality.

Coming from a still background, Cole found that working in motion with the Canon 5d MKii and 7d came natural while offering great quality. He found that perhaps the best feature of the cameras is how incredibly resilient they are in the blizzard like conditions. He has really put the cameras up to the test and thus far they have been terrific. There is definitely some technical issues with the progressive scanning and single sensor in the dSLR’s, leading to a lot of shaky/rolling shutter footage. However, Cole and his crew use tarps and stands to create a wind blocker for the tripod’s and cameras, which really help out.

As we at Korduroy know, self-funding a feature-length documentary with a lot of traveling is expensive enough, and tacking on the price of professional gear can burn a hole in your pockets with the bat of an eye. So in an effort to gain Canon’s interest and get a lease or donation of the cameras they need for the next two or three years, Cole created this video showing how well these camera perform and the extreme conditions they can in fact endure…

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