The Craftsman Project – 002/Kahana Kalama from Russell Brownley on Vimeo.

This is a short documentary about Kahana Kalama and his life as a Craftsman. Kahana, an ex-professional surfer, is the owner of Aloha Beach Club a surf supply store with locations in North Park, San Diego and Kailua, Oahu.

This story follows Kahana between San Diego and Hawaii as he manages both his shops and designs his new clothing line that is not only inspired by his home island of Oahu, but also completely manufactured there.

This is the second of many short documentaries under the title, “The Craftsman Project” which will give a glimpse into the lives of people who make a living working with their hands.

A huge thanks to Aloha Beach Club and the guys who took the time out of their lives to come out and be a part of the shoot.

Follow Kahana and Aloha Beach Club on Instagram at @kahanak and @alohabeachclub.

Director: Russell Brownley
Producers: Russell Brownley and Kahana Kalama
Original Score Vocals by: Kamoa Kalama
Director of Photography: Russell Brownley
Water Cinematography: Bryce Johnson and Russell Brownley
Additional Cinematography: Andrew Thompson
Aerial Cinematography: Bryce Johnson and Russell Brownley
Editor: Zach Prichard
Art Director: Russell Brownley and Matthew Lawless
Compositor: Matthew Lawless
Colorist: Jade Elhers
Original Score: Kamoa Kalama and Brent McCorkle
Music: The Music Bed

Special Thanks to:
Billy Wiggens
Kamoa Kalama
Sandy Kalama
Kamohai Kalama
The Aloha Beach Club Family
Brianna Marks
Magnolia Brownley

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