The Packing List: Jack Coleman

Jack Coleman is the quintessential traveling filmmaker. To prove it, he unpacked his gear to show us what it takes to get all those vivid, action-packed and sometimes wacky clips from exotic locations all around the world. 

jack coleman packing list 500mm lens PHOENIX, this is my digital video lens for cheap thrills.

2. jvc vhs-C camera, for a video tape look.

3. Polaroid land camera.

4. 60D digital, for digi shots and video capabilities.

5. RAEN optics for my eyeballs.

6. Tri-X & Ektachrome reversal super8 film, my go to medium.

7. canon lenses-15mm & 70-300mm.

8. advil for headaches, usually from sun damage or hangover.

9. duct tape, for everything.

10. microphone, used as a prop for comical purposes.

11. 35mm film, cruising around shots & CR5 battery for 35mm camera.

12. shaved down fin, for soft top dreams.

13. Beaulieu 6008 S, this is camera I shoot surf from the land with. 100-300mm Nikon lense on a c-mount adapter.

14. Polaroid film. Always carry some type of instant stock and camera.

15. OLYMPUS 35mm manual SLR. No batteries necessary, 50mm lense.

16. Eumig super 8 water camera. Its basically water ready and plastic.

17. 35mm water housing for SLR. Mines old, runs with an A2.

18. Flashlight. For the campsite and dark situations.

19. 55-120mm Olympus lense, more my manual SLR.

20. sunscreen. I found this one for kids, I like it.

21. Eye loop, digital video view finder.

22. Canon 100-400mm lense. Another longer lense for digi stuff.

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