The Packing List: Jeff Hill

This is one of the more creative packing lists we’ve seen. Here, Jeff  Hill, a skateboarder, maker and traveler, explains:


“This is my ‘main list.’ I keep it handy for all camping trips. Things get added, things get left off, depending on the trip. A lot of the times I keep it on my bulletin board in my pride and joy, my van (a 1991 Chevy Sport Van that I gutted and build out as a camper van). It has a dinette/bed, cabinets, sink, shower, the works. I love tent camping but when I feel like living it up, I van camp. 

This particular trip was in the van, my list on my bulletin board, headed North on the Pacific Coast Highway with my lady and my dog. Montana De Oro State Park was the destination for a short stay on the coast to ‘get away from it all’.”

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