The Packing List: Pat Towersey

Punker Pat is most known for his longtime presence in the surf industry (he’s been on the scene for more than two decades) but did you know he’s also a paddler and marathon runner? We got in touch to see what he brought on a recent ride to Catalina. He paddled there, ran a marathon, and paddled back to Southern California – that’s 26.2 miles of running smashed between about 60 miles of paddling. Here’s what he brought to keep himself alive, entertained and moderately clean:

pat towersey packing list

Clothes: T’s, Boardshorts, lightweight  jacket

Boards: as many as you can fit or just a few and plan on renting, buying on craigslist or borrowing

Food: the more snacks the better. Be generous, they are an easy way to make friends and become popular amongst your peers.

iPad: loaded with books and movies.

Tools: fin key, screw driver, Leatherman multitool

Dive gear: at least a max and fins

Body surf stuff: hand plane, mini Boog, inflatable surf mat.

Coffee: cant live without it.

Tooth brush: gotta keep it clean

Follow his travels on Instagram @punkerpat

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