The Packing List: Todd Glaser


Photographer Todd Glaser is based in San Diego but “wanders the world” with his camera always at the ready. He’s a staff photographer for Surfer Magazine and has countless other publications and brands in his portfolio. Since these guys have him constantly on the go, we wondered what was in is go-bag. Here’s what he said: 

Traveling essentials:


Matuse wetsuit

two sets of Swimfins

a digital camera or two

fisheye to 500mm lenses

Del Mar Waterhousing

Hasselblad with an 80mm


a good book


various chargers with int’l adapter

multiple card readers incase one fails or gets lost

a recyclable shopping bag for when my carry on baggage is too heavy I put gear in there

Perfect Foods Bars for snacks

multi-purpose tool/knife

a good pair of board shorts

thin cotton long sleeve button up for sun protection



cell phone

first aid kit

duct tape

waterproof bag

pelican case

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