The Rolling Home: Kickstarter Preview

Buy a campervan, hit the road, and live.


If you’re looking for a road map, Lauren Smith and Calum Creasey have made The Rolling Home Book, a guide born from 80,000 miles on the road, one that contains everything you’ll need to know to make a self-buid campervan your new home, and the open road your daily muse.



“We have made films, taken photos and documented all of our travels, always trying to keep the van rolling no matter what. It has given us our fair share of tears and oil covered hands, but now after 80000 miles, the rust that once gave it character is starting to take hold. To make sure we can keep rolling for another 5 years we need your help.”



“That’s why we have made our first book – The Rolling Home. The concept for this book came to us a few years ago. It has been written, unbeknown to us, throughout the last 5 years. It is a compilation of photos, words and illustrations from our times on the road. The great people we have met, the friendships we have found and the companionship we have shared. We want to show how easy and inexpensive it is, all you need is a map and plenty of imagination. It IS for anyone.”


With your support, Lauren and Calum plan to spend the next five years on the road!

To learn more about The Rolling Home book and Lauren and Calum’s adventures, check our their Kickstarter!

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