The Unknowns

Everyone wants to know, will Kelly be back? Will Dane be back? Will Dane recover from injury to be in full form for 2011? You could beat yourself up wondering. But at this point, no one knows and we don’t want to get caught up in the uncertainty. There are plenty of other surfers who will make the 2011 season exciting….or are there?

As we all know, Kelly’s 2010 run to the title was a monstrous one. Winning 4 of 10 events, bringing down the house with more ten point rides than most have in their careers, and securing a 10th title. Here are what meSurf is calling his best 10 waves of 2010.


Dane is the surfer on the tour that everyone stops in their tracks to watch. From getting spit out of a perfect tube at Pipe and setting himself up for a massive boost, to laying down huge open faced hacks to scoring a 10 for a one maneuver wave, his unpredictable explosiveness has the judges in awe. Here are 10 of Dane’s best waves for 2010.




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