The Wave Journal

Our good friend, Erik, turned us onto this website that he has been working on and we thought it was great tool for surfers. There is not really any great methods to charting and saving data from each surf session that you have…Until now. allows you to record your daily surfing experiences so that you know more about your favorite sport. It will keep track where you surf, what board you were riding, how much fun you had, and it will also grab the buoy readings for that session so that you can go back and look to find out where YOU had the most fun when the next swell hits! was founded in Encinitas, California, in 2008 as a Local Artist Network focused on San Diego Culture, and the Southern California Lifestyle. Based on Art & Simplicity, our original videos, events, and articles invite others to experience the “Stoke” and creativity that each contributor lives by.

We wanted to remember the best times of our lives.

When we surf, we are drawing lines on temporary canvases where the only object created is a memory.  We wanted to remember these personal events to study and progress our creativeness in an easy to use, trustworthy, accurate surf journal.  Thus,’s online Surf Journal was created in 2009.

Write a Surf Journal to Remember and Learn about Your Surfing.

Whether you want to know where you’ve been, or find where you’re going, recording your surf experiences will help you understand your “Art” more clearly……-what are my favorite conditions? – how much do I surf? -where do I surf the most? what board is the most fun?

The Wave Journal Online Surf Journal

Our free surf journal allows you to privately record everything about your surf sessions by doing most of the data collecting for you.  You tell your Journal where, what, and when you surfed, and the Journal instantly grabs the applicable oceanic data from the closest available buoys.  Review and edit your sessions from any computer, forever, using our secure, private, simple, and accurate online surf journal.’s Surf Forecasting Model is dedicated to creating value for all it’s Users, and so creating a surf forecasting model based on a User’s Surf Journal entries was our next step.

Numerical Questionnaire

When you use your Surf Journal to document a personal surf experience,’s Surf Forecasting Model applies the numerical questionnaire within each journal entree to that entree’s corresponding historic oceanic data.  The Forecasting Model then monitors future data, and determines where and when you should expect the best conditions, every hour, for every surf spot documented in your Journal.

The Numerical Questionnaire Asks “How Much Fun You Had”

When you write a journal entry, the Forecasting Model asks you “How Much Fun?” you had during the session, on a scale from 1(meaning i didn’t even paddle out) to 10(meaning It was ALL-TIME).  Our Model then monitors available forecasted oceanic data, and determines where and when you should expect the best conditions every hour, for each of your surf spots.  The more Journal entries with Numerical Questionnaires you submit in your Journal, the more accurate the Forecasting Model becomes.

TWJ will help any wave rider consistently find better waves for their own personal abilities, making the user’s surf experience as enjoyable as possible.


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