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When you think of surf and nature photography theres no-one that stands out more than Mr. Jeremy Koreski himself. Jeremy aims to Self-publish a chronicing of his work in the place claimed as ‘nowhere’. We couldn’t be more stoked to see this come out, cherishing where you live and what you do and using your abilities to produce something of significance around what you love has a special place in our heart. Check out his kickstarter and snag yourself a copy!

About this project

I was born and raised in Tofino, a small town on the West Coast of Canada where my dad worked as a fisherman and oyster farmer. It’s the place I still call home, and I’ve been lucky enough to spend my life here photographing one of the last unspoiled coasts in the world.

My photos have appeared in surf, nature, outdoor and travel magazines around the world, and I’ve had shows in Canada, the United States and Europe. But so far, I’ve never had an opportunity to present a full collection of what I consider my best work. That’s what I hope to do with This is Nowhere. By compiling my best photos from the British Columbia coast from the last 15 years, I want to showcase my home and demonstrate the importance of preserving it for the future.




The concept for This is Nowhere is actually the inverse of what the title might suggest. Places like the B.C. coast—remote, lightly populated and mostly roadless—have often been treated as ‘nowhere’ areas that don’t have much value beyond the resources can be taken out of them. But in reality, this is a place that’s full of life, has an amazing culture and history, and is absolutely priceless to protect. For myself, my family and many others here, this place is everything. So to me, this book is about deconstructing the idea of nowhere and demonstrating that places like this have a value that goes far beyond money.

Set to publish in August 2015, This is Nowhere will be an 11” x 11” clothbound hardcover with 144 pages and 100-plus photos. I’ve chosen to have it printed on FSC-certified paper at Hemlock Printers in Burnaby, B.C., a carbon-neutral company that does amazing work like Kinfolk Magazine and The Great Discontent. For me it’s important to use a printer and paper that’s more sustainable, even if it takes more money to do so. By doing this project through Kickstarter instead of a traditional publisher, I’ll be able to retain full control of both the creative content and the production process. With the support of a community of people who believe in my work, I’ll be able to publish a unique and beautiful book worthy of the places, people and living things it portrays.


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