Throwback Thursday: Run Your Car on Veggie Oil

This week we released a new episode of D-I-WHY NOT?, and then followed up with a feature on a really cool San Diego-based alternative fuel start-up, Buster Biofuels. So, for our inaugural Throwback Thursday we’re keeping with the DIY ethos that you know is near and dear to our hearts by bringing you back to this Korduroy Klassic: Run Your Car on Veggie Oil

If you try this, send us a note and tell us about it! Take pictures of the process, film yourself or your friend in action and show us know how it rides. You know where to find us–info [at] korduroy dot tv, or on any of your favorite social media sites. Now get cookin’. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: The price of gas has gone up since this short was made, so it’s likely that the average driver spends more than $42 per week on gas. 

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