Tom Adler’s Archive at the Mollusk Gallery

Mollusk Surf Shop, San Francisco

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting work from Tom Adler’s Archive Project at the Mollusk Gallery featuring a curated selection of photographs from Ron Church, Tom Blake, Jeff Divine, Leo Hetzel, Grant Rohloff, Thomas Campbell, Ron Stoner, John Witzig, Bob Swift, Will Adler, Dick Metz, Patrick Trefz, Steve Wilkings, and Morgan Maassen.

Grant Rohloff – Miki Dora, North Shore
The iconic surfer, photographer, and publisher Tom Adler has published dozens of books revolving around recreations through the ages highlighting surfing, climbing, and nature related adventures that document the evolution of outdoorsmen and women. Adler’s Archive represents the intersection between his work, lifestyle, and friendships spanning across rock climbing in Yosemite during it’s unregulated heydays of the 1950’s to contemporaries such as Alex Knost logging at Rincon. The underlying theme of a casual connection to transcendentalism is traced throughout time reminding us of the importance that nature plays in connecting us to a balancing source and its increasing fragility.

Jeff Divine – Hollister
Join us for our Opening Reception Saturday, June 18 from 6-9pm at Mollusk San Francisco located at 4500 Irving Street, San Francisco, CA 94122. Steve Wilkings – Kate Ron Etoner – Print 2 Dick Metz – Laguna Beach John Witzig – McTavish and the '48 Holden Morgan Maassen – Print 5 Leo Hetzel – Print 1 Patrick Trefz – Point Conception Tom Blake – Print 3 Thomas Campbell – Alex, Rincon Will Adler – Print 5 Bob Swift - Devil's Slide 2 Bob Swift - Devil's Slide 1 Ron Church – Print 1

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