Tragedy Hopes for a Happy Ending

Tragedy Hopes for a Happy Ending

By Natalie Jacobs

A few months ago, Southern California surfer Matt Foushee was on a surf trip in Mexico when he was hit by a truck traveling at about 50 miles per hour. He suffered a traumatic brain injury along with breaks in both femurs, eight ribs, the jaw and the clavicle. His skull cracked in the lower back of his head, dangerously close to but miraculously not impacting, his spine. Internally, his lung collapsed and his liver was lacerated.

“I was there,” says friend Megan White, “and I saw him right after he was hit and despite everything, I just focused on the fact that he was still breathing, long, deep breaths, even though at that point he only had one operating lung.”

She took that as a testament to his strength and held out hope for positive news to come.

A native of San Clemente, Calif., Foushee was an active surfer and yogi, practicing both daily. White says he is a kind-hearted, sensitive soul with a deep commitment to an active and outdoor lifestyle.

After seven weeks in the hospital, Foushee is slowly waking up. Amazingly, he’s able to do some yoga stretches in the hospital bed. 

“It’s crazy how the brain remembers and automatically goes back to what it knows best,” White says. “He has already shown incredible promise and has surpassed what all the doctors thought. It’s a true miracle.”

As with most stories of traumatic accidents, the conversation quickly turns to health insurance and hospital bills as soon as some level of stability is secured in the victim of such unfortunate timing. Although Foushee has health insurance, his plan does not cover much of the rehabilitation therapy that he will need to restore proper or even sufficient body functioning. To help get him the therapy that they believe he needs in order to go back to his active surf-filled life, his family and friends have embarked on a fundraising campaign. If you’re able to consider this during the holiday season, take a look at the fundraising site and learn more about his accident and the recovery process on Facebook here:

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