Transitioning from Photography to Video – How Do

“How Do” is a new feature series that breaks down how things are done by creatives around the world. The first installment looks at moving from photography to filmmaking via the clip “Somewhere in Galicien” with Swedish Photographer Daniel Mansson who did this short with Swedish surfers Peter Sahlberg & Jens Holmer.

Daniel’s Statement:“From the beginning I was planning on shooting stills but got so inspired to film so I switched over to film mode. I actually started out as a filmer and then left it for stills. I have been at the most surf spots in Europe, from Sweden down to Portugal and this place is really something extra special, the last outback of surf Europe.”

Talk about switching from taking stills to shooting video for this clip. What are some tips for other photographers looking to shoot video?

  1. You have to think about the picture having to have some kind of momentum, wind in the air, some element that moves or changes. Stills are one frame, video is thousands of them.
  2. Get a really good tripod, with a video head.
  3. Play around. Do a lot of filming and don`t raise the bar to high for your first movie.

What equipment do you recommend when shooting surfing and lifestyle video?

  1. I love my Canon 5d mk II, small, lightweight and super-high quality.
  2. A good combo is Canon 5d mk II with old manual Nikon lenses. It gives more of a film-look.
  3. SPL waters-housings are great, and you can shot both stills and film with them.
  4. A good camera bag. I use bags from Visualante. The better you are prepared and have your gear in place, the easier it is to get good shots.

What did you learn making this video?

  1. Take longer clips.
  2. Get the exposure dead on. It gives you more options in the editing process.
  3. Use a monitor to see the exposure better.

Check out more of Daniel’s work at

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