Turning a Korduroy Original Episode into New Company


Korduroy founders Cyrus Sutton and Reis Paluso have just launched a Kickstarter project for an organic, high performance sunblock called MANDA Organic Sun Paste. After years of making their own sunscreen, as you may have seen in our DIY Organic Sunblock and Sun Burn Basics, they found the perfect recipe, thanks to a unique and magical ingredient, Thanaka.

Thanaka has been used by the Burmese people for thousands of years to protect their skin from the sun.  This time tested ingredient comes from the bark and wood of a local tree in Myanmar. MANDA is incorporating Thanaka as an active ingredient in their sunblock which maximizes its many benefits and further offsets their environmental footprint. While Zinc Oxide is a effective and safe ingredient (when not used in nano particulate form), it’s also hard on the environment to mine and refine.


In addition, MANDA contains food grade, organic ingredients, making it chemical free and non-toxic. A recent report released by Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, (also reported in Time magazine, The Washington Post, Gizmodo, etc.,) revealed ground breaking evidence regarding the extreme impact that chemical sunscreens inflict on coral reefs. Evidence confirms that a mere one drop of sunscreen in six Olympic sized swimming pools of water has the ability to kill corals prematurely and destroy reefs. Scary right!?!

That’s not all. Approximately, 8,000,000 pounds of sunscreen are estimated to wash off ocean goers annually. The culprit of this devastation is a chemical known as Oxybenzone, which is found in over 3,500 sunscreens on the market today. It is time to reconsider your sunscreen choice and avoid buying any sunscreen that contain this hazardous chemical.

If you are looking for something that is made with the best possible ingredients, has the performance to last all day and is better for the environment, then have a peek at MANDA Organic Sun Paste.

You can pre-order it now at a special discounted price: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/simplebynature/manda-organic-sun-paste

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