Saving The Ocean By Turning Abandoned Fishing Nets Into Skateboards

Bureo Recycled Ahi - Mountain cruise (1)

There’s a giant island of trash the size of Texas that lives in the middle of the Pacific Ocean called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch;

it’s a mass of micro and macro plastics, shipping containers, fishing nets, abandoned long lines (miles of hooked lines that continue to catch and kill), buoys, barrels, plastic bottles, lighters, and practically anything and everything you can imagine. The thing each of these bits of trash has in common is PLASTIC.

Plastics are the single pollutant that are choking our oceans to death. The micro plastics bioaccumulate in small fishes – who often mistake them for plankton – which then bioaccumulate in larger fishes, a process that eventually works its way up the foot chain, poisoning and killing every step of the way.

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Macroplastics like water bottles, lighters and abandoned fishing nets are the more visible pollutants we see stuffed in the stomachs of whales, seals, turtles, seabirds, sharks and countless others. It’s common to find massive fishing nets, aptly called ghost nets, which float through the ocean and capture anything in it’s path. There’s thousands of these nets in every ocean, each of which is killing whales, dolphins, turtles and fish daily.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.01.35 PMTo remove these ghost nets from the sea is the work of stewards. To recycle these nets and make skateboards out of their upcycled polymers is genius. To illuminate the extent of these net’s impact on the natural environment is luminary.

Bureo Recycled Ahi 7Thanks to a collaboration between Bureo + Carver Skateboards, the Ahi features a deck made from 50 square feet of fishing nets that are gathered off the coast of Chile through Bureo’s Net+Positiva program.

Bureo Recycled Ahi- photo-Scott Soens 9
The board is finished with a gripping scale pattern, stainless steel hardware, recycled Eco Cruiser 65mm 81a Roundhouse wheels and Carver’s renowned CX truck, which allows the rider to pump and turn the board like a surfboard. Ridden by the USA Surf team for training, Carver boards are endorsed by surfers around the world.
As if the ocean-friendly board wasn’t enough: the good people at Bureo are currently working with Carver to develop and adopt a 30% veggie oil based wheel, which they expect to be ready for some cement shredding by July.
Bureo Recycled Ahi- photo-Scott Soens 12
The Ahi is available now at 


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