Two Weeks… An experience by Johnny Abegg

“Two Weeks was born out of unhappiness. I was approaching 30, I seemed to have a perfect life, but underneath the idealism, I was so far away from the real me. So I thought I would take “2 Weeks” out of my existence, to try and find some clarity amidst all the questions that where mounting up about my life at the time.”

“I grew up in Tasmania and it felt like the perfect place to unravel, choosing to return to my childhood home, and spend time alone deep within the South West National Park (A World Heritage listed area), to re-connect with myself. I bit off more than I could chew at times. The more I felt like I was answering my problems with solitude and nature, the more questions seem to bubble to the surface. I was going crazy, but I had a need to document the whole experience, thinking that through my own desperation for answers, and through my open honesty, that others wouldn’t feel like they are alone in dire times.”

Words by Johnny Abegg

For the synopsis, that’s right here:

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