Autarkic Part 13: Tyler Warren x Zac Baillie

Part 13: Tyler Warren x Zac Baillie

A Korduroy TV photographic collection curated by Ryan Tatar.

Photos & Words by Zac Baillie

I met Tyler whilst he was the artist/shaper in residence at the DEUS ‘TEMPLE OF ENTHUSIASM’ in Canggu, Bali where I live.  He had just returned from a trip to some other islands with Dunc Macfarlane who was kind enough to share his guy. Haha. Tyler is a renaissance man in the truest sense, and a rounded man be he painting, surfing, shaping, (beer drinking haha). Tyler puts the same passion into all these, and does it with a flair and humble demeanor that belies his talents and the years of work he’s put into his craft(s). To watch him shaping this board, nicknamed ‘Bali Soap,’ all by eye and feel, no templates, just passion and experience, was quite eye opening for me and was a nice way to spend a few days, especially shooting him on medium format 120 film.

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