The ancient laws that governed old Hawai‘i existed throughout Polynesia for thousands of years. For better or for worse, these practices were for the most part abolished in the early 19th century by the Kingdom of Hawai‘i’s early Monarch. Many of the customs that represented the Kapu system went underground and remained silent for most of “modern time.” One practice in particular was the honoring of ‘aumakua. Difficult to effectively translate from Hawaiian to English, the ‘aumakua were to put simply, non-human family members that offered service, protection and guidance. Although many of us have forgotten the importance of honoring our ‘aumakua, nearly 200 years after the banning of the kapu system, Ulualoha Napeahi and Etienne Aurelius join forces to pay tribute to one our our oldest ancestors. Check out the modern interpretation of a two thousand year old tradition. Mahalo e na ‘aumakua

ULUALOHA from Aurelius Cinema on Vimeo.

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