Under the Sun – Making of Part 2

Here’s the second in a 3 part series about the making of “Under the Sun.”

Shot on 16mm film this never-released award-winning film features great surfing from guys like Dave Rastovich, Nat and Beau Young, and many others and explores the causes and implications of the commodification of the surfing lifestyle.

In this episode, we get all our rare 16mm camera gear ripped off.. the first time.. heavy

DVD finally coming out soon, details will be on Korduroy.tv

Featuring a custom soundtrack by The Band of Frequencies and Shawn Lee available on CD and LP.

You can listen now- ubiquityrecords.com/shop/products/SHAWN-LEE-%252d-UNDER-THE-SUN.html

For more info on the Band of Frequencies check out


Also for more great music check out Ubiquity Records’ eclectic catalog of instrumental, funk, jazz and soul.


© APeel/Luella Productions

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